2013 Holiday Shopping Guide

Digital cameras can make excellent gifts—but with so many options out there, it can be difficult to pick the right camera for the right person. One person's favorite camera may be another's least favorite. If you are searching for a camera for someone on your holiday gift list, consider both their interests and experience level to help find the right camera for them. By Hillary Grigonis
By Digital Admin, Last updated on: 6/10/2014

Here are a few of the best cameras arranged by interest or experience level. Don't see one for the person you are shopping for? Leave us a message below, we're happy to help.

Best Digital Cameras for Beginners

For those just starting out in photography, buying a camera with too many features can be daunting, not to mention expensive. When shopping for a camera for a newbie photographer, look for something with features like manual modes and RAW. Usability, however, should also be factored in; search for a camera that's somewhere in between a compact and the latest-and-greatest DSLRs.

Best Digital Cameras for Enthusiasts

Buying a camera for a photography enthusiast is tough. Chances are, they already have a camera, and not just any camera will do. But, if you are willing to tackle the challenge, we've rounded up some of the most capable cameras with excellent image quality. These models all have advanced features and are considered the latest and greatest in the photography realm.

For the Tech Lover

Know someone who is into the latest and most unique gadgets? There are certainly a few cameras released this year that would make them happy. Our list of 2013's Most Innovative Cameras have models that are unlike any other, including a smartphone-attachable camera and the market's only waterproof interchangeable lens camera. For the unique person on your gift list, check out these one-of-a-kind options.

For the Athlete (or the Fan)

If you have an athlete or sports fan on your gift list, check out these speedy cameras that can keep up with all of the action. These models all feature a fast burst speed, taking several photos in a fast sequence so it's easy to capture the right moment. For someone who frequently takes photos at a fast pace, these cameras are excellent choices.

For the Outdoors Enthusiast

Got someone on your list who loves heading outdoors? Check out our list of the top all-weather cameras. Hiking, camping, hunting, snorkeling—these cameras can go anywhere. They are waterproof and shockproof, but also take excellent images.

For the Teenager

Teenagers tend to love color and the latest trends, so why not get them a colorful, trendy camera? These cameras are excellent for capturing high school memories in style and are fairly in expensive as well.

For the Grandparents

Grandparents have many (little) reasons for taking pictures—like capturing memories of the whole family as it grows. Here are a few cameras from the simplest to the still easy-to-use mirrorless and zoom models.

For the Social Media Lover

Know someone who is always posting cell phone photos to their social media profiles? Help them step up their image quality while keeping web uploads easy. Cameras with wi-fi allow for simple uploads without taking the time to load all the photos to a computer. Plus, most wi-fi enabled models also allow you to use a smartphone or tablet as a remote shutter trigger for the camera. Check out this list of the best wi-fi enabled cameras.

For the Traveler

Know someone that's always on the go? Check out our list of travel cameras, models that take excellent pictures but are easy to pack for that next excursion.


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