CES 2014: Interchangeable lens cameras continue to shrink in size while beefing up on features

CES brings out the latest and greatest gadgets--here's what the show had to offer for just announced interchangeable lens cameras.
By , Last updated on: 5/18/2014

The annual Consumer Electronics Showcase is usually a pretty good indication of what to expect in camera releases for the new year. So what's headed our way for interchangeable lens cameras in 2014? Manufacturers are continuing the trend of shrinking down cameras while working to fit more tech in a smaller space.

Nikon D4S

The biggest professional camera announcement at CES 2014 was really more of a tease than a big announcement. Nikon displayed the D4s in a glass case, but have not yet announced a release date or a full list of technical specifications. What the camera giant did offer to eager CES visitors, however, is that the new top-of-the-line professional DSLR will have an upgraded processor, along with a more advanced autofocus.

And since the camera is being referred to as an HD-DSLR, we anticipate better video quality too. Nikon looks to be focusing on video improvements, which isn't a bad thing, considering their top competitor, Canon, has been known for offering better video quality on their DSLRs.

The Nikon D3300

Nikon D3300

Nikon also released the full details of their latest entry-level DSLR, the D3300, at CES. The biggest change in this compact DSLR is the elimination of the optical low pass filter, which increases the resolution and level of detail in the images. With an 11-point autofocus and a 5 fps burst mode, the D3300 is the most basic DSLR Nikon offers, yet still offers a lot of image quality for the price. Speaking of price, at $650 with a kit lens, the D3300 is a great camera to consider, even for those considering similarly priced mirrorless models.

Sony a5000

The Sony a5000

Sony's smallest APS-C mirrorless camera yet, the a5000 also looks to be an excellent shooter. The manufacturer says the new addition to their line has more similarities with the performance of a DSLR than their older models. With an expected price of around $600, the Sony a5000 is one of the more reasonable APS-C cameras out there. It's missing a few features like a viewfinder and has a rather slow 4 fps burst mode, but weighing in at under eight ounces, it certainly looks to be a good option. The a5000 is expected out at the end of March.

CES 2014 welcomed smaller, yet feature-packed interchangeable lens cameras. The debate between mirrorless vs. DSLR continues, but in a way that looks to benefit consumers, with mirrorless cameras adding DSLR-like features and big DSLRs slimming down.

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