How Digital Camera HQ Selects its Retail Partners

A brief explanation of how we decide which stores are worthy of inclusion on Digital Camera HQ.
By , Last updated on: 5/18/2014

The retail offers shown for all the cameras on our site are provided by our price comparison partner, which is the most comprehensive comparison shopping engine on the internet. relies on its users for quality control. Next to every retailer you will find a store rating, which is generated by online shoppers like you. A brief glance at these ratings will tell you whether other customers had positive experiences with a merchant, and detailed written reviews of each retailer are available for those who want additional information.

This system holds online retailers accountable—retailers with quality products, good customer service, and swift delivery are rewarded with high store ratings, while merchants with unsatisfactory performance receive poor reviews.

So, when you are choosing a retailer, you should always look at two things: product price and merchant rating. If finding the lowest price is your most important criteria, then you may be willing to buy from a retailer with less-than-perfect reviews; if price is less of a worry for you, and you'd rather have full confidence in the store you buy from, then your choice of merchants should be based more onthe store ratings. With, the choice is yours!


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