Summer Vacation Cameras

Take a look at the best cameras for taking photos of your Summer fun.
By , Last updated on: 5/18/2014

With the warm weather approaching, it's time to start planning those exciting trips and vacations you've been fantasizing about all winter. Maybe you'll be lounging on a far-away Caribbean beach or just going for a day-trip to the coast, hiking through the Grand Canyon or frolicking in your own backyard. No matter where you go, though, you're going to want to capture these sunny memories, and we've lined up a selection of great digital cameras that we think will suit your needs perfectly.

The is perhaps the most exciting new camera on the market. Released just a few months ago, the A460 is a remarkably affordable ultracompact that isn't lacking in any respect. It's lightweight and small, so you'll have no difficulty tucking it away as you scale a rock face or carry your bags onto the airplane. 'AA' batteries give you a lot of range as well, allowing you to pick up replacements on the go instead of being tied to a wall-outlet recharger. The A460 can be had for as little as $112 dollars, an absolute steal for a camera capable of taking high-quality 5-megapixel photos. And if you lose it, it's not like you're out a whole lot of money.

If you've looked around our site at all, you'll know that we're big fans of the . It's a great all-around camera, reasonably sized, and packing a 10-megapixel CCD, capable of picking up an astounding amount of detail. Beginners and intermediate users alike will have no trouble working with the A640, though the latter group may be interested in some higher-end extended zoom cameras. The and are both very appealing long-range zoom cameras, great, powerful cameras without the extra cost or considerations that come with digital SLRs

However, if you're really looking to make photography the centerpiece of your vacation, and come home with some great shots of wide, sweeping vistas, nature and wildlife, or other highly-detailed scenes, you may want to consider a digital SLR. These cameras are a little bulkier and require a little more attention, but the high-quality images they offer are without parallel. The is a user favorite, and easy to pick up for beginner photographers. We're partial to the affordable , which will leave you some extra money to spend on your trip. Both of these use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, so you may want to get an extra for backup so you don't run out of juice in the middle of your big photo shoot.


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