What to Expect This Fall: Digital Camera Trends

See what's exciting new features will be found in digital cameras this fall.
By , Last updated on: 5/18/2014

In the coming weeks, we expect to see a fresh onslaught of new cameras from Canon, Nikon, and all the other big name manufacturers. These new cameras will be the top-of-the-line, with all sorts of nifty new features that will potentially make you wish you'd held out a little longer before buying one. Though it's not entirely clear what will be coming down the pike, we can give you some idea of what you should be expecting, so you can decide whether or not you want to wait for the new models or if the current crop of cameras will satisfy just fine.

More Megapixels

It goes without saying that these new cameras will have more megapixels. Remember, adding megapixels does not improve the overall quality of a picture. The higher resolution afforded by more megapixels does allow for greater detail and larger prints, but it's important to keep those attributes in context.

This year, 14.7 megapixels will be the highest pixel count available. That will provide for a photo print roughly 15 inches by 10 inches. That's rather large. If you're the kind of shooter that does a lot of cropping or editing, perhaps that would be appropriate. For the average consumer, it's most likely overkill.

Wider-Angle Lenses

Expect to see cameras with 24mm or 25mm lenses, providing for a wider scope and more inclusive photographs. Previously, most "wide-angle" cameras were outfitted with 28mm lenses. Apparently this was not wide enough. These cameras offer a significantly larger field of view, so if you've got a big family or lots of friends and want to fit them all into the picture, these new cameras might be worth checking out.

More High-Definition Video

As camcorders become more versatile and interesting, digital cameras are fighting back by adding useful features like high-definition recording to their previously low-quality video modes. We've seen HD video in cameras before, but now it's a full-blown trend. All of Panasonic's newest batch of digital cameras is capable of taking video clips in 720p HD resolution, and it's a sure bet that plenty of other manufacturers are looking to get in the high-def game as well.


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