Olympus FE-4030 Brief Review


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  • Release Date: 2010-03-15
  • Final Grade: 78 3.9 Star Rating: Recommended

Olympus FE-4030
Olympus FE-4030
By , Last updated on: 9/29/2014

Another run-of-the-mill slimline point-and-shoot for 2010. Nothing about this camera stands out to us, though it is relatively slim for a $150 model. The only differences between this and the FE-4020 -- another new model at the same price -- are a longer-range macro, a TruePic III image processor, and one extra shooting mode. We're baffled as to why Olympus decided to put out two nearly identical boring cameras instead of one boring camera, but it looks like the merchants we're partnered with made an executive decision to only sell one of them: the FE-4020.

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Olympus is a long-time camera manufacturer, but lately they've been offering innovative, compact imaging options that are well worth a look. While Olympus doesn't have a camera in every category like Nikon or Sony, their focus on the cameras they offer shows.

Olympus' main, and best, cameras are their mirrorless line. The OM-D line offers mirrorless cameras that rival professional results while their PEN options offer the most portability and affordability. Most of their mirrorless cameras have simple, retro designs that work really well. Their kit lenses are often a bit higher quality than most. The Olympus mirrorless cameras we've been able to test have shown excellent image quality and usability.

While most of Olympus' focus seems to be on their excellent mirrorless line, we haven't been disappointed with any of their compacts we've put through our tests either. The TG-3 and TG-4 are among the best waterproof compacts on the market. And when we put the super zoom SP-100 to the test, we were quite happy with the image quality and performance.

Olympus may not have a camera in each and every category, but they've really put a lot into their existing cameras, making them excellent options.

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